• Ype4life

    My battlemage build

    June 15, 2012 by Ype4life

    I have played skyrim for months now. i have made about 5 characters. but the most fun one i have ever played has to be the battlemage.

    when i say battlemage i mean a guy with heavy armor who shoots firebals at you until he runs out of mana and then just rams a sword through your face.

    so you start off as always riding to Helgen. Its time to choose your race. I chose for the Breton, but the Dark Elf may be better since they get the +10 destruction. but really, you can choose whatever race you want since you can just level everything up, so just make a armored firery cat if you want. so you run through helgen while alduin burns everything to the ground and you have to choose sides. go with Ralof and you'll get a heavy armor pretty early in theā€¦

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