I've playing a lot of Skyrim lately, since that's the only game I have that's worth playing. So as of late, I'm trying to find a best fitting character to fit a pairing for a story I'm making on fanfiction and not only that of course, for my gaming experience as well, marriageable if possible for my character, if not then that'll be just in the fanfiction then. I might go with my character being an Argonian or a Khajit this time around since my first character is a female Nord werewolf whose married to Aela. I don't want to marry Aela anymore since I already married her with my first character, so can anyone give me a suggestion who seems fitting? The only known guard that I know and that could fit my story is the Legate but I don't really like her that much, I thought of having Fastred or someone else but I keep thinking that it should be a soldier or a warrior though kinda like Jenassa, I don't want any housecarls though. I'm quite picky about it so sorry about that, if you feel very put off by it.

Do note I don't have any DLC's yet for my skyrim. Since it was a gift from steam from a good friend of mine when Skyrim was in a steam deal and it was only 2-3 dollars.