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    Patch 1.04 for PS3

    March 5, 2012 by Zach9054

    The latest patch for PS3 has been released and takes care of the crashing effect when game-saves are too big

    "I fast traveled to Riften and then Windhelm, Markarth and Solitude. In every city, except Solitude, I encountered very minimal framerate issues or slow-down. Solitude, with its vast population and building count, still suffered a couple skipped frames every three-to-five seconds or so. Before the patch, every large city in Skyrim would freeze for several seconds upon my arrival and then for at least one second in every ten as I ran around it.
    Skyrim life-after-patch 1.04 is a major improvement in cities. Merchants don't hang me up anymore and neither do kids playing tag. City life feels good"…

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