After finally getting around to finishing the Legion, I able to purchase the home Hjerim, which I hear is considered to be one of the best vanilla houses do to it having the largest armoy. This being the case I decided I would move there from my poor little Breezehome. I went to Breezehome to collect all my things in preparing for the big move, giving a small number of choice items I wanted to keep from getting lost in all my crap to Lydia for safe keeping, and collecting every other item of value from my house. Out of curiosity I decided to check my weight, as I was well past my limit of 500 I was sure. My total weight was 6799. I quite literally laughed out loud at this.

It's going to be a long walk to Windhelm...

Sure I could just take a Carriage, but fuck that shit! Come Lydia, we ride!