Not too long after the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn for the Xbox 360, I had decided to make two blogs (admittedly only one was serious, while the other was posted as more of a joke). These were almost immediately buried under Applesauce (Dragonborn) and such non-sense, and since they did not relate to the new Dragonborn, were lost and forgotten along with many other blogs. With the week of release, some of the fiasco has died down, but I am thinking of going along with it and making a Dragonborn related blog.

As I finally get around to completing Dawnguard and the Legion, I would ask before I start Dragonborn if anyone would be interested in me writing a review of it for those on PC and PS3, and possibly some apprehensive Xbox players.

Would you like to see a modest review of Dragonborn?

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