First, let it be known to all I am an Xbox player. Now, in my time i've seen plenty of wacky bugs. I've seen intangable doors, dead dragons randomly falling from the sky, dead bodys that are still doing idle animations, invisable dragons, invisable faces, etc etc. Up until recently the strangest bug I had even encountered was when I feed on a sleeping NPC as a Vampire, another NPC spawned directly on top of me hostile. He didn't run into the room. He didn't see me feed. He spawned, right there on top of me. I didn't even get a bounty he just appear from the aether and attacked. Now that was some wierd crap.

I found something even more strange.

Wandering through Blackreach I wound up in the Silent City. High atop a bridge I spotted a lonely falmer. I conjured a bow to rid the world of this poor creature. Then before I was to shoot him I decided to check for any others that may be around. So I used the Aura Whisper shout. Being of sharp eyes I noticed immedently that the words " was equipped" appeared in the corner of my screen. I thought nothing of it. When I drew my bow I noticed something obscuring the side of the screen. I went into third person and saw my charactor was emitting steam! Appearantly what ever was added to me gave me the fx layer from a Dwarven Centurion.

What. The. Fuck.

As soon as I was able to stop laughing about this I decided to research it a little. Thank god I had a previous save, as I found there was no way to get right of the fx. I eventually tied this down to using Aura Whisper. Now i've seen some weird stuff in my time, but I can't even begain to imagin how in the hell this happened. It's no surprise they can't get Dawnguard to work.

Know what, this all sounds very confusing. Watch this video instead. While I doubt i'll see anything as...peculiar, as this, what are some of the strangest bugs you've encountered?