I say something today. In an effort to keep it short i'm cut out the details of it. Basically I say something that made me count the planets. I was like, "So there are nine planets right? No wait, Pluto doesn't count anymore so it's eight".

Then I thought, "Wait, what else used to be nine but is now eight? Oh shit! Skyrim!".

This lead to a long an complicated series of thought. In TES, the planets around nirn are the planes of the respective Aedra. Thus in this case, planets = gods. The removal of a god is like the removal of a planet.

This is all very confusing. My thoughts are a bit too abstract to really accurately describe. Anyway my point is that the removal of Talos for the aedric pantheon in Skyrim may have been a subtle cultural reference to the removal of Pluto from the system of planets. There is a startling close connection between the two i'm surprised I haven't heard this theorized before.

(Talos is still a god and Pluto is still a planet. I don't care what any elf or scientist says!)