I was recently looking at some information about the Dragonborn that caused me to think about some stuff. The Dovahkiin is essentially the soul of a dragon in the body of a mortal. Dragon souls are powerful, and grant them some kind of non-corporeal immortality. Unless absorbed by another dragon, or dragonborn. This is the only way to kill a dragon. So it stands to reason that dragon souls are not something simple mortals can get their hands on, as last I check, soul trap doesn't work on dragons.

However, we've been soul trapped. Twice.

What happen to the immortal souls of dragons? We have a dragon soul, but we can be soul trapped? Do we really have a mortal black soul and not a flaming orange dragon soul? Is our entire existence some sort of elaborate joke by Akatosh? Do we just suck an conjuration and everyone can soul trap dragons but us? Or maybe this is just a minor plot hole and I shouldn't pay this much attention to videogame logic. Nonsense! There is nothing too petty for me to overthink! This is clearly an elaborate conspiracy by the mudcrabs to resurrect their giant space-mudcrab god.