Zennie Shadom

Basic Details

Species: Argonain

Sex: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Place of birth: Blackmarsh

Body: slim athletic

Height: 5ft 7inches

Weight: 129 lbs. very athletic 

Eye color: Purple

Eye style: Snake

Hair color: Dark Blue Violet

Hair style: Messy

Hair length: Shoulder Length


Clothing: Daedric Prince Boethiah's Ebony Mail

Spirit: Dark

Condition: Happy&Healthy

Alignment: Good

Sub-Alignment: Lawful

Type: Leathel/Pilfer

Status: Good

History: Born in Blackmarsh as a shadow scale she currently live in Rifften with her Adopted Argonian Daughter Ashirley and Housecarl Iona

Additional description:

I'm wearing a full suit of "Ebony Mail" that has been upgraded to Legendary it was given to me by the Daedric Prince Boethiah. I am a Master Assassin and leader of all five guilds in Skyrim with my legendary Daedric Bow I made myself and a Legendary Dragon Bone Warhammer that I named Dark Crushing Fires enchanted with extreme flame damage I have Mastered: Two Handed, Smithing, Sneaking, Archery, Heavy Armor, Enchanting, Lock picking, Speach, Sneaking, Alchemy, and Conjuritoin, My favorite spell is Bound Bow so for when ever I run out of arrows and summon Deadra Lord in case i am surrounded


shiny and rare objects exploring caves ruins and new places loves to drink ale and eat horker stew and being in good company with very close and good friends


being surrounded by enemies killing with out a reason [even though she is a master assassin with bow's and heavy weapons] hates being broke and loosing loved ones