Hey TES Wiki. I know I usually write blogs pertaining to the Elder Scrolls lore, theories, and whatnot. But something sad recently happened. On 13 November 2013 (Not entirely sure how accurate that date is) theBEARDEDcanuck's channel closed on YouTube. And I felt it only necessary I give him a shout out on here. 

Who was theBEARDEDcanuck? 

TheBEARDEDcanuck was a YouTube user who used to advocated on behalf of the Stormcloaks. He was one of my main insiprations to become a Stormcloak supporter, and most of my arguments steam from what he said. He was a really smart guy, who knew his lore. He tought me a lot about Skyrim and helped me appricate all the Civil War had to offer. If he was on this Wiki, I gurentee he would be a better campaigner for the Stormcloaks then me. And I have no shame in admitting that. 

Why did he close his channel down? 

The exact reason why he closed his account is unknown, but I theorize that it was because of YouTube's new comment system. It was a completely broken and dysfunctial system, and it made debating very difficult. Due to the fact that you couldn't respond to comments that were made before the change, and sometimes you couldn't even reply to comments that were made after the change, due to glitches and poor programming. Canuck claimed how he loved to debate people on the Civil War, and how it was one of his favorite things that came from Skyrim. I assume the reason he closed his channel was because he no longer had the power to do that, so he simply left. 

My thoughts.

I'm personally saddened to see Canuck leave the debating scene. He was a really smart, well educated man, and I considered him my mentor in becoming the Stormcloak support I am today. It's really a shame that he's gone, but I wanted to give him a goodbye on here, with both Stormcloaks and Imperials alike.