This is a response to my last blog called "Roleplaying Community Issues" in that article, I disscussed recent problems I had on an RP fourm and my disatisfation with how it handled. I got a couple things wrong and I feel like I was a little too harsh on the roleplaying community. 

The reason why my character was killed off was because I had said something before, Man of Steak had told me I should just leave if if I didn't like what was going on, and I said "you know what, I think I will", so the GM of the fourm  thought that meant I was leaving for good and killed me off because of that. So it wasen't because of me questioning their polices, it was because of something I had said before. I just want to clear something up, I don't hate the roleplaying community, and I don't think they're bad people, and I do understand their arguments. The only thing I was upset about was that I couldn't add that into the game, though I still feel like it could've been fine with the story, I can settle with just leaving if I'm unhappy. I'll keep the other blog up for reference, but it doesn't represent my opinions anymore. So in a nutshell, this is basically a truce to the roleplaying community. I'm sorry for how I acted.