So there's a lot of talk and speculation going around that TES VI is going to take place in Argonia (Black Marsh) the homeland of the Argonians. Now honestly, I'm not sure how true this is but I do have some opinions on it.


So, I do think some awesome things could come out of a TES VI located in Argonia, one such is learning more about Sithis, the Dark Brotherhood, and Argonian lore! Most of these things have barely been touched upon in other TES games, as they were more focused on the Man races mostly and the lore involving them, occasionally discussing the Mer ones. But Argonians and their culture have gotten little lore put into them, that we know. With a game in their very land, the amounts us Lore Fans could learn would be through the roof, and might help our understanding of how not only other races were created, but how Aurbis came to be, considering Sithis did play a big part in the creation process. Another thing it could have is a foreign theme, like it did in Morrowind, which also contained deep lore, as fans have said (me included even), most TES games are very much based off of European style provinces. And they have been accused of being "generic" for doing such a thing, but with Black Marsh they would likely have a completely unique culture. Maybe similar to Africa and/or Indigenous people. Which would be cool since most ESO games are not like that, if even most games.


Now, I got to go on to the cons. I don't think this is all a good plan for a couple of things. One is that, Black Marsh has NOTHING to do with current events, like, the Thalmor were never taken care of during Skyrim, so naturally we assume in VI they will be dealt with. However, what is the likeness that the Dominion would have a big part in a Elder Scrolls game located in Argonia? Probably not very high, and even if it is it would probably be kind of forced. Especially considering, how easy it would be to make a Dominion storyline in another province. It's not only the Dominion that they're secluded from, it's most other factions too, and even races. Black Marsh is very secluded, only with it's outer boarders having foreigners, while most of it is so dangerous only natives could survive. Meaning, players would probably not see many races outside of typical Argonians, and that would likely mean factions like the Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, etc, would not be there either.

Opinion I don't know what to think about it, maybe it could be cool, or maybe it might be strange, Bethesda is good though so I think they can make a smart choice with it, assuming this isn't just a rumor. XD

What do you think, do you agree with what I said? Do you want to see an ES game in Argonia, share in comments.