So, must of you I assume have heard of Michael Kirkbride's newest Lore Concept C0DA. Which some have criticized. but I think it's actually a very interesting concept, and kind of actually works with his other lore. I also feel it answers some big questions people have been wondering for a while regarding TES & lore

First of all, the concept C0DA kind of shows the answer to the Godhead question. That the Player is the Godhead, and the game is there universe, think about it. They control how their character is, what happens in the game, and now how lore and events can work in the said verse. This is exactly how the Godhead is described, and the concept CHIM, would be knowing you are in a game, being controlled by some random person, that would mean both Madman's idea of CHIM being a fourth wall concept, and Michael Kirkbride's idea of being established lore BOTH make sense! 

Another thing that C0DA does (that was likely intended) was it kind of ends the "canon" feuds with a lot of people, since now TES lore can pretty much be what people want, like if you want The Godhead to not be a thing in your C0DA it doesn't have to be, if you don't want Altmer to believe they come from Aedra you can avoid that. I think this adds a lot of sandbox element to the games, which were already sandbox. I mean, with TES how would we know any of these advanced Lore Concepts even are real if not brought up outside actual gameplay? We would not, that's why C0DA can work, because we don't know how Lorkhan created Nirn we don't see him doing it in a game, so someone could use C0DA to make it whatever they would like. I think a lot of Canon Conflicts honestly, are more due to some user just not liking a certain type of lore. But with C0DA, it changes this. 

It can also make sense of some other Kirkbride works that seem out there like The Aldmeri Dominion ending Mundus, that could be something in his C0DA. Kind of like my other point, but the concept shows you that, questioning lore wherever it comes from is important. 

I don't know why those who don't like heavy lore, seem to also share the same feeling for C0DA, the concept pretty much allows them to have lore however they wish and proves them right in a sense, as not all MK's works would be within their canon.