This got posted a while back, and never really took off so why not do it again here!

the other day, I spent time thinking of Skyrim politics, and it sort of sparked some ideas on how the Korean War (North Korea - South Korea.) had a lot of similarities to the Imperial-Stormcloak Civil War

The Korean war started based off of the newly gained independence of Korea from the Japanese after their defeat in the Second World War. In turn, the nation got divided between a very Nationalistic Progressive north, and a more Western influenced Capitalist south. The north got lead by Kim Il-Sung and the south by Syngman Rhee. Eventually, the US got involved after the two Koreas got into conflict, on SK's side, because the North was both Communist and backed by the Soviet Union, the nation remains divided by the 38th parallel to this day.

Now, the similarities start to come if the goals of both north and south are examined. The North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung has very close philosophies to Ulfric Stormcloak, they are both Nationalists (with progressive values), who fought in brutal wars, and wanted to gain independence for their country, against foreign rulers (Korea: United States, Japan. Skyrim: Empire, Dominion.) North Korea is based around Juche, which is Marxist-Leninist values added with Korean tradition. Ulfric is always big on Skyrim's traditions, but also seems to want a fair & equal society as well, similarities. The Stormcloaks also seem to consider him, similar to how the Communists viewed Sung, as a father of the nation, freeing them from oppressive groups.

The Nords who want to stay with Cyrodiil are like South Koreans, and Elisif or Rikke, are Syngman Rhee. The Western supported leader of Skyrim or Korea, who isn't as noble as the Media would have the public believe. Syngman was oppressive to anyone who questioned his authority, and to any Communists. If you see right when Dragonborn enters Solitude, someone is on trial for siding with Ulfric! Just like what happened to anyone who supported Sung in SK.

The Thalmor are like the Japanese Empire, racist, greedy, and Imperialistic. They exploit Skyrim and think of the Nordic people as lesser, just like the Japs did with the Koreans. Except it's reversed, the Thalmor are keeping the Empire subservient, instead of being beaten, like the Japanese Empire was to USA

Empire is of course like the united States, the "democratic" country, who is trying to keep influence in the region of Skyrim/Korea. They are unliked by some of the people in Korea who think they are being Imperialist and treating them badly, like what some Nords think of the Empire! General Tullius does kind of represent the typical arrogant American attitude, that their way of government is the best, and they need to "enforce" order around Tamriel. (Not to offend Americans, but I am just sayin' :P.) As pointed out, it would be a reversed role, as the Empire is subservient to the Dominion, as opposed to when in Korea's case.

The Worship of Talos, though might appear to be unique could actually represent the ideological conflict of the war(s). The Talos supporters, could be like the North Koreans trying to re-unify their homeland and keep their traditions, while being under their own control. While the Empire and their support of the Dominion not worshipping Talos or allowing it, could be the South Koreans wanting to become more western and adopt American Style things, and try move away from the completely old Korean/Nord way.

Well that is my interpretation of this whole video game Political feuds, what do you think, am I full of heat air, or on to something???