Odds are if you've played any of the Elder Scrolls games (except Arena) you will know who the Daedric Princes are.  The "evil" gods of the series. They've probably helped or have hurt you in your adventures. But the reason why I'm writing this article today is because I have a theory about the Daedra. That they might not actually be evil at all. 

First of all, the terms "Good" & "Evil" are mortal terms. Which means since the Daedra are immortal these concepts may not apply to them.  Some believe the Daedra act the way they do simply because they get amusement out of playing with mortals lives. This is probably very unlikely. Amusment is another mortal concept and as I said the Daedra being immortal most likely do not have it. So you might be wondering now, why do they act the way they do then? That's what this blog is going to be about. 

The Aedra represent creation, they created the mortal plane, mortals, etc. The Daedra on the other hand represent change. Change represents a lot of things on the mortal plane. Good things, like ending a bad marriage or something like that. Just me typing this very blog could be considered a form of change. Something that is also considered change is destruction, which the Daedra know all to well. I'm purposing the idea that the Daedra might cause suffering & destruction simply for the sake of change. A real life example is in India. The hindus have a god they worship named Sheeva. He is the god of destruction, but the hindus don't consider him evil since they know change is a part of life, and is only natural. Could the Daedra be the same? 

Another possible theory is that the Daedra's action may help mortals. Now I know that sounds a little crazy but just hear me out. I'm going to use the Elder Scrolls Online as an example of this. When Molag Bal invaded Tamriel in the late 2nd era, some of the most unlikely alliances formed. The Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians for example. As well as Bretons, Orcs, and Redguards. Most of those races have had problems but made an alliance for survival. Maybe Bal's intention was to unite the races of Tamriel. Because nothing like this has really happened ever since. There's a quote from a show I like called Heroes that I think describes Bal's possible idea "The world will be united in a tragedy, and then just plain united". 

But you could still be thinking, why would the Daedra kill so many innocent people for their plans, that isn't right. One thing you need to realize is that mortals don't really die, even when their physical form does. Their souls go to the Dreamsleeve and they're reborn as something else (or they go to a plane in Aetherius, like the Nords).  The Daedra most likely know this and don't think of the demise of the mortals physical form to be that important since in the grand scheame of things they aren't really dead at all. It's an interesting concept to think about. And in a sense, all mortals, might actually be immortal. Just something to consider.