Over the past couple of months I've had quite a bit eye opening experiences with how I'm precieved with the people on this Wiki. It all really started when I tried to apply for Chat Moderator. I recieved one support and four opposes. Most of the opposes criticized me for being things like, "hot headed", getting in arguments a lot, and being close minded when debating. But in my personal opinion I felt this was an absurd reason to reject me for such a position. When am I ever Hot Headed right off the bat? Almost never as far as I can tell. So I'm not sure where that user got that idea that I'm by default hot-headed. You could say that what they mean is that I sometimes get angry when someone acts rude to me during a debate. I rarely resort to real rage, though, sometimes I may try and put my points out there harder, a lot of people on this wiki do, it's a way to try and "win" the argument per se. Yet, other users who did this didn't recieve this criticism, as a matter of fact, most people didn't bring it up. Strange, huh? Yes, I do get in debates frequently, but unless they tern into Flame Wars, how is that a bad thing at all? That should show I'm inversed enough in Elder Scrolls Knowledge I can talk to other users and have disagreements with them. And close minded when debating? How is this even relevant to being a Chat Moderator? It just seems like an excuse to keep me out of a position simply because you don't like my opinions. Not a very responsible way of using your right to vote at all. 

But my friends, that is just the beginning of criticism put against me. I recently tried to apply for Forum Moderator, I recieved six supports & eight opposes. Yikes. Some of the criticism was the same stuff, about me being "hot headed" and "arguing too much", both of which I explained why were ridiculous reasons to reject someone. But that's just the icing on the cake. You see, most of my opposes came after a certain incident on the Live Chat. Where I felt another user was frequently egging me on to get in fights in fights with them on the live chat, so I said how if this person didn't stop trying to pick fights with me, they should recieve a ban, and the all hell brooke loose. People were opposing me left & right calling me things like "selfish" and "immature"  and saying that I would abuse my power. But what I don't think the people opposing me understand is that they picked fights with me numerous times, not the other way around. And they're blaming me because I think if they do it again they should recieve a ban. If someone was picking fights with you reader multiple times, wouldn't you want them to be banned if they didn't stop? Yet, people seemed to like cloakwork jump to their defense. -_- 

Seriously? Not only did I get in numerous uneccessary fights, but then after all of it, I was the one blamed for it. Does that sound like fair and reasonable to you? I certinaly don't think so. And the user who I fought with, not even given a warning. Now, I'm not going to name names, okay. They know who they are, I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus with this, just express my disatisfaction with how everything turned out here.

But all of this got me realizing, people I think just plain don't like me on this wiki. Because It feels like people don't want me to get any power, they don't want to work, they don't want to help me try and better myself, they just want don't  want me to not be in any poitions on the Wiki staff, I feel like simpelly because they dislike me. Numerous people witnessed arguments being started against me on the Live Chat, yet still no one defended me. Not one user. In addition I feel as if I get opposed for the smallest things, for example I got opposed because I didn't move forums that were in the wrong section, despite the fact that I had no idea how to do this. I didn't recieve a message on my talk page about it or anything, and really is that a good reason to downright oppose someone? In addition, I've seen members of the staff do things that I was opposed for. Further showing the notion, that people it seems like are finding excuses to reject me. One user even opposed me just because a bunch of other people did. I wish I was joking about that. 

Now, I bet alot of you are probably thinking right now "Oh Zipper, you're just butthurt you weren't elected to be part of the staff", I will admit that I am a little disappointed that I wasen't able to be a part of the Wikis staff since I do go on here a lot, and know Elder Scrolls Knowledge well. But when you think of the evidence above, I can't help but feel like this was unfair, almost all of it. There is so criticism I feel would've been more legitimate, if they said how I spent too much time in the Roleplaying section to be a mod, I may agree (still wouldn't have given up roleplaying for good, but I would've tried to go around more), or that I don't do very many moderator oriented things. 

So, how do you all feel about this?