If you pay attention to staff related stuff, you probably know that Chat Moderators and Forum Moderators get a lot of applications, and because of this have quite a bit of members. All pro-application positions it seems does, that is one of the reasons why it may change, but that's beside the point. Still, there is one part of the staff that is pro-application, but barely has any members. That part is of course, the News Team. 

Let's look at the numbers between these all of these positions: 

Forum Moderators: 9 

Chat Moderators: 8

News Team: 3 

As you can see the news team has quite a bit less members. But my question is why? A lot of people on this Wiki write blogs, speak english well (to an extent), and know how to use links. So I wouldn't say it's that hard. If anything, it seems like a position a lot of average joes on the Wiki could do well. Yet, it barely gets any attention or new members. another thing to consider is the members who are a part of it. 

The users who are on the News Team are, Equillibrium, TheMilkman, and Knight of Camlorn. Knight just recently joined, so for a long time it was Equallibrium and TheMilkman. Even worse for the News Team, TheMilkman is inactive on the wiki now a days, so for a long time, it was just Equllibrium as the one delerving the good word (with some Admin blogs here and there). 

You're probably wondering what my point is, well, it's that I think that the community should put a little more work into helping out the News Team. I'm not saying that just every person should go and apply even if they don't have the skills for it, I'm saying those who do, might be able to consider helping the commuity. Since without someone dilivering the news, we wouldn't know anything about what the future holds with TES. I probably wouldn't have been able to make my previous blog about Zenimax's bad decisions with ESO. 

I'll even try to do this, if I see a big story to do with the Elder Scrolls ot a recent game, I'll report it here. Instead of putting more effort into the already large Chat and Forum Mods, we should maybe put a little more into the News Team. Because in my opinion, every position does something for the Wiki. 

So, what do you guys think?