So, it's a New Year and what better way to start it, without an analogy for how the Great War happened. It is based off of the internet thing where WW1 is based off of a barfight, thought that for something that happened in the games it might be awesome. So let us begin! 

It starts off with the Cyrodiil having some drinks with it's buddies Skyrim, High Rock, and Hammerfell. They are all kind of hungover from a super party that the they all took part in a while ago, while Hammerfell is wasted from getting drunk the night before. Skyrim & High Rock however seem to be sociable and in better condition. Morrowind is alone, still recovering from some food poisoning it got, and from Black Marsh stealing all their liquor. 

The Summerset Isles is sitting at another table, and goes on how Cyrodiil has always been in-control of the bar since they bought it from the first owner, and how, everything they wanted to do everyone followed, and how it had been this way for a long time. It remembered for the time when the Summerset Isles used to be the close with the original Head guy in the bar, and wanted to re-gain the position. It convinced Valenwood of this, and managed to get their support for the Summerset Isles. Meanwhile, Elswyer was sitting with Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, Skyrim & High Rock, not saying much, and broke, without anything to buy drinks with. 

Until, someone ends buying Elswyer a drink! The Summerset Isles quickly says how it was their money which bought the drink and their genorosity. Elswyer than feels greatful, and hangs out with Valenwood and the Summerset Isles instead! 

The Summerset Isles with it's two friends Valenwood & Elswyer, decide to go up and confront Cyrodiil. They walk up to it, and hand a list of things they wanted changed in the bar, one such was the removal of any Vodkas (they couldn't stand it's strong flavours) and how they wanted Hammerfell's hat. Cyrodiil turned the Paper down, not thinking the Summerset Isles are threatening. The three friends respond by dumping all of Cyrodiil and it's buddies drinks down the drain. 

The Summerset Isles than respondes by punching Hammerfell and Cyrodiil, simultaneously. With Elswyer proceeding to kick Cyrodiil right in the undergarmites. Valenwood goes after Hammerfell who manages to get some good attacks, but is still cought off guard and runs into the courner. 

The Summerset Isles realized just how weak Cyrodiil had gotten and tried to attack them more, almost beating them down, and they managed to even get Hammerfell's hat. High Rock had quickly gone over to punch Valenwood and help Hammerfell, originally keeping a low profile in the brawl. Skyrim than jumped in to it, to help Cyrodiil with Elswyer and the Summerset Isles, but they were too powerful and Skyrim had to back up with minor brusies, while Cyrodiil was cournered. 

Hammerfell quickly downed a Bloody Mary and ran back to Valenwood striking it hard, which Hammerfell took it's hat back. Valenwood was lightheaded after the fight and went away. 

The Summerset Isles, Elswyer, and Valenwood all formed up, and worked together to fight, while Cyrodiil, Skyrim, High rock (it could not avoid the conflict) and Hammerfell did similar. They than all charged at each other in one giant brawl. By the end of it, everyone was beaten, chairs were broken, glasses smashed, tables destroyed, etc. Cyrodiil and The Summerset Isles both beaten to a pulp. Cyrodiil especially wanting this feud to end, agreed to do what The Summerset Isles wanted. They removed all Vodka from their shelves, which angered Skyrim who love drinking it! They also asked for Hammerfell's hat, but  they did NOT want to give it up after all they did, so than Cyrodiil said if they didn't, they would not be friends anymore. 

Hammerfell abandoned it's friendship with Cyrodiil and fought the Summerset Isles, giving it a powerful punch to the jaw and stomach. The Summerset Isles, weak decided Hammerfell's hat was not worth the fighting, and just tried to ignore them, and have power over who would submit. The Summerset Isles than was head of their group, with their two friends, and an uneasy drinking relationship with Skyrim, Cyrodiil, and High Rock.