Hello everybody, I'm going to write a blog about my Skyrim character Fjork Ice-Blade and his advantures in Skyrim. I hope you enjoy. 

I just started to wake up and I heard the sound of a carriage moving. My head was throbbing and I didn't know where on Nirn on I was. All I remembered was that I was in Cyrodiil hunting a Werewolf. A very powerful one if I'm not mistaken. But that's a story for another day. As my eyes started opening It was a somewhat sunny day, pretty cloudy though. I could smell and feel the cold air and felt dehydrated. Then I saw a man sitting across from me wearing what looked like Windhelm guard armor, then I remembered it was Stormcloak armor. He was a Stormcloak. He said his name was Ralof, he had blonde hair like me with light blue eyes. After I woke up he said "Hey, you were trying to cross the boarder, so were we, and that horse theif over their". I looked and saw this man who looked homeless, he had dirt on his face and was wearing rags. Shortly after, I realized I was in rags, Imperials must've taken my stuff, including my clothes. The Horse Theif want on for a little about how if the Stormcloaks didn't start rebelling the Empire would've been lazy and wouldn't have arrested him. Then Ralof told him to watch his tounge next to Ulfric Stormcloak the "true" High King of Skyrim. Then it hit me, I was next to Ulfric Stormcloak. You have to understand I was a bit disorented at the time and wasen't completely in tune with my surrondings. I mean, I know it was cold and cloudy and that my head hurt but that was about it. I know if I was on the same cart with the leader of the rebels that I wasen't just going to be able to pay a fine to get out of this. The horse theif must've had the same idea as me and started freaking out. If I was going to die I atleast wanted my dignity and didn't say a word about it. Ralof then told us that we should think about home, because a Nords last thoughts should be of family. I don't have any family really. And honestly I have nothing good to say about my parents. As our carriage came into the city which was called Helgen I saw everyone staring at us. One man told his son to go inside, probably didn't want him to get messed up by watching some prisoners get exicuted. Once we stopped a stern caption told us all to get off. Her assistant a Nord named Hadvar said he would call our names and we would step forwards. "Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of windhelm" I couldn't believe the war was going to end, and I wasen't even going to be alive to live in the peace. He then called Ralof then the horse theif (who's name turned out to be Lokir) after Hadvar called him he said "No! I'm not a rebel, you can't do this!" then ran off until one of the Imperial archers killed him. Hadvar then looked at me and said, "You there, step forward." I walked up to him then he said "who are you?" Fjork. Fjork Ice-Blade, I said. He replied saying "You picked a bad time to come home to Skyrim kinsman". He then said I wasen't on the list, at the first I thought they would let me go, but the caption said they should just kill me anyway. I was dissapointed. But I still faced it with dignity. Which is more then can be said about Lokir. We all walked to the block, then General Tullius started talking to Ulfric saying how he started the civil war and that he would be killed and peace in the land would be restored. Then we all heard this loud roar, I never heard anything like it, but I just assumed it was a loud Bear and didn't think much of it. They called over one Stormcloak to block where a big imperial man was wating with a big axe. He proceeded to behead the Stormcloak. Then the caption said "Next, The Nord in the rags" I walked over knowing my death was near. I was dissapointed this was the way I was going to die. I wanted to do more with my life, die more honorably. As I walked over with my head on the block and the exicutioner ready to chop I look and see this gigantic black flying monster in the sky. It lands right on the tower knocking everyone around. At this point, I was basically stunned in horror, he then made his loud shout which made meators start falling from the sky, I fell off the block and onto the ground, Ralof helped me up and we went into a nearby tower. As I walked into the tower with Ralof and a some other Stormcloaks. Ralof asked Ulfric "Jarl Ulfric, was that really a Dragon, could the legends be true?" Ulfric replied "legends don't burn down villiges". I couldn't believe that their was a dragon out there. I know they haven't been seen in Skyrim for thousands of years. We all knew we needed to keep moving. As me a Ralof walked up the stairs the Dragon breaks through the wall and breathes a huge amout of flames from it's mouth, I jumped out of the way just in time. Ralof then told me I needed to jump through the hole and into the inn, with barely any other choices left, I did it. When I landed I hurt my leg a litte, but kept moving, when I got out I saw the Dragon breathing more fire and almost killing a little boy, but Hadvar saved him in time. Then Hadvar saw me and said "still alive Prisoner? Keep close to me if you want to stay that way" and we both kept running while the Dragon was destroying Helgen. We eventually reached the entrence to a building that wasen't that damaged. But Ralof caught up to us, to which Hadvar said "Ralof, you damn tratior, out of my way". Then Ralof said, "we're escaping Hadvar, you're not stopping us this time. Hadvar replied "Fine, I hope that Dragon takes you all to Svongarde" both men then ran and wanted me to come with them. I had to make a choice quick or else the Dragon would kill us. I decided to follow Ralof because he did help me get to safety when the Dragon first started attacking. While Hadvar only lead me to this building for a little bit. Also, I would be lying if I said that I wasen't little mad at the Empire for trying to have me killed. So I followed Ralof and we went inside. 

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