I've noticed there is a common misconception that has been going around for a while now, what I'm talking about is the claim that the Nords "distrust" magic and want nothing to do with it. Now, I believe this is false for a number of reasons, some are just small bits of dialogue, others are quite drastic. 

My first piece of proof is the Guard Dialogue. Now, I know Guards do say some weird stuff sometimes, but somethings they say are legitimate to the player (For example, usually things that start quests), two things they say are "Destruction Magic's fine, just don't go burning down any buildings" and "I have a lot of respect for the Restoration School", Skyrim could use more healers. This could show that the Nords do actually have respect for some schools of magic, namingly, Destruction and Restoration. 

My next point is that, the Nords in Skyrim don't seem to have much distrust of magic (when compared to the other races atleast) Here's a list of all the Nords in Skyrim who use magic: 

With all of those NPCs in mind who use magic, it seems hard to believe that magic is so widely distrusted and shunned. Now, I know some people might be saying "But think about all the Nords who don't use magic", yes there are a few Nords who don't use magic. But there are a lot of those for almost every race, Dunmer, Imperial, you name it. The only ones who really aren't like that are Bretons & Altmer. 

Another counter-argument someone might be thinking is that Onmund says in dialogue it's distrusted, not entirely true though. Though he does say that Nords "distrust" magic, he does also (atleast I interpreted it this way) that Nords do like magic that can be used for destructive purposes. In addition, with Battle-Maidens in the Stormcloaks who do heal the soldiers, they might also like Restoration too (as backed up by the guard dialogue). Everything he said about his family disowning him and whatnot, might just be his family alone, and not all Nords. 

So, I hope this was a good read for you, and I explained why Nords DO actually have somr trust and some respect for certain types of magic. If you disagree, feel free to say so in the comments. :)