Well, all your questions have been seen by me, and I can answer them now. So get your popcorn, and enjoy learning about Everyone's Favorite (maybe not everyone) Blogger & Stormcloak! 

From ShawnHowellsCPQ: Why are you such a massive fag?

As Dark Jeto said, this is an Akronym for Fairly Awesome Dude, Idk Shawn, I just am.

From DrakwindWhich part of the train is the zipper on? 

Well Drak, the Zipper, is on the 85th section of the train, and if unzipped would cause ten thousand Zippertrain85s to jump out and start converting people to the Stormcloaks, so, for all the site Imperials, try and not ask too much about it! 

From Datadragon OdahviingWho do you hate the most in this wiki? (Honestly...)

There are many different people on this wiki one could say I "hate", but let me break it down to a few users, Jimeoin & Timeee are both really annoying, but PickleSalesman can sometimes really get to me, not as much Fishyseller though or Trench Coat Willy 

From Draevan13Where do babies come from?

Babies come from, atleast in Skyrim, let's say when a person sticks their carrot into  another person's peach, until they make soup. After that, a baby comes, but is soon taken away, and sent to Castle Dour, and are terribly devoured by Tullius whenever he is hungry. Dun dun DAAAAAAAA! Stop this Madman, join the Stormcloaks today! 

From DivineTedriusWhich city are you from?

I am from, Noneofyourbusinessswit, located up North, a fifteen minute drive from whatisittoyou, the big city of the region. 

From DrakwindWhy do the do do the do do do in the do do ewwdo dah do do with their do da dops and thier doppatty dups in the do dew dao DO?

Because... reasons?

From Camoran the UsurperWhat's your favorite hold?

Well, I got to say either Whiterun or Eastmarch, I've lived in both and I like them. They both have history, good Nordic culture, etc. Haafingar is cool also seems one of the most modern holds in the entire province

From M.Owen LFC!What is love?

Isn't it obvious? Shrek, like seriously, go do some research m8... 

From Alduin1996What is 3497 divided by 73?

I ain't got time for this math shit! 

From Dark JetoWhat does the Fox say?

It barks, they are in the canine family everyone! So they bark. 

From Harold Burned Mane: To what question is the answer 42?

The amount of Lore Facts Madman97 has denied

From Dark Jeto: Are these questions too irrelevant?

A question is never irrelevant... ever.

From FishySalesmanThe sky is beginning to crumble, the potatoes are getting smarter. You hold your child and wife close, your insulin shot mere meters away, but alas, mere meters too far. The banging on your door begins to get louder, more shards of sky impale themselves into the roof of your estate. The banging suddenly stops, only to be followed by a loud crash. The door is broken. It is raining melon now, the whispering grows louder, you begin to sweat profusely. Your son dissipates form within your arms, leaving only sweet potatoes in his place, and the room seems to only be getting longer. The baby monitor begins to crackle with a voice, comforting your firstborn, yet your wife is right there. What do you do?

I'd blame the site Admins in some way. 

From Madman97: Given the choice of these four, who is your favorite Blogger?

1) Madman97

2) Madman97

3) Madman97

4) Madman97

5) All of the Above

I go with 79namdam

From User:Goldflame33: What is the reason behind the Username?

That is a good question, it came from a randomly generated Xbox Live name, and I stuck with it. :P

Well, I might do this again, but I hope you got your answers everyone. —Walter White Walker Say My Name 23:01, September 18, 2014 (UTC)