Hello, so I had a Q&A around this time last month and asked you, the community if you had any questions for me, I got two questions (if you can even call Madman's reply that). Despite this whole experiment being less popular the second time around, I'll still answer the questions.

From Madman97: Oh come now, Zipper. You could have just asked me to Interview you.

I didn't want an interview, Maddie, already got one (thank you Emperor Jarjarkine ^_^), I wanted you to ask a question so I could answer it on this blog, and not waste time answering random crap! Sorry, sorry, off topic.

From Harkon Romney: Who is your favorite character in anything ever?

That's a tough one (but good question though), I might go with Sylar from Heroes, but I also like the superheros Spider-Man and Batman, I guess you can't go wrong in the Dragonborn either. Maybe I'll say, all of the above?

Well, that's it. Too short for you? Maybe you should've tried asking questions this entire time the Q&A was open and taking them! Until next time, Zipper out. :)