It's finally here. The end of the Real Life comparisons trilogy. For this post we will be exploring which real life cultures are the most similar to the cultures of the beast races on Tamriel. Also, I found the beast races to be a lot easier to do than the Elven races. Just in case you were wondering. Also, I know that the Blades are a lot more asian than the Elven races, but I didn't want to add races outside of Tamriel since that would overcomplicate stuff. Most Blades are actually not of Akaviri decent, but are instead made up of all different types of Tamrielic races, so they're not even really a visable race. 

Khajiits & Elswyer:

The Khajiits I honestly think the Khajiits are based off of Ancient Africans and Egypitians. There culture seems to be somewhat mysterious and hidden from the majority of Tamriel, and the ancient Egyptions worshipped cats and what are Khajiits known for if not being Cat-like. They're also one of the oldest groups of humanoids on Tamriel (similar to the Egyptians) They already had 16 kingdoms by the time the Aldmer first starting exploring Tamriel. The Khajiit homeland of Elswyer seeems to be the spitting image of Africa. The northern part is a hot desert that's dry and hard to live in, while the southern reigion is a lush tropical rainforest. Further showing that they're based off of Africans. 

Argonians & Black Marsh: 

The culture that seems to fit the Argonians the most is that of the Aztecs, Maya, and Olmec. Just like with the Khajiits, a lot of Meso-American gods were said to be repitilian like. Another thing they have in common is that the Argonians were secluded from the rest of Tamriel for a long time, in the real world the Meso-Americans were like that withth Europe, Asia, and Africa.  And as Pickleseller pointed out, their symbol in the Elder Scrolls Online has a very Meso-American design on it. Black Marsh in my opinion is actually more like Central America than South America. As Harold Burned-Mane pointed out, South America doesn't have many swamps. But Northern Central America does. The Capital City of the Aztects was built on swamp lands (well at first an island on a lake, but it expanded into swamp lands). 

And there it is. Now you know my opinions on which culture represents each of the ten playable races. As always, if you have something to say, you can share it in the comments.