So, there's been talk on the chat occasionally with the lore experts, over one of Tamriel's most famous figures, Tiber Septim. Some argue he was a menace who brought nothing but pain & suffering to land of Tamriel, while others claim he is a hero who is responsible for many wonderful things. 

It's about time the pros and cons of Tiber be discussed so that more of the Elder Scrolls fanbase can be education on who he was, and see what THEY think of him! 

Let us begin!

The Good

Tiber Septim was responsible for the Empire of Tamriel, which technically is still reigning and is arguably, still trying to perserve prosperity all around. The Empire brought the land into a golden age, where the feuds of multiple kingdoms were no more and peace was lasting, that values such as Freedom (Anti-Slavery), Democracy (Elder Council) can be reigned through most of Tamriel. 

He became played a part in the creation of the Ninth Divine Talos, an icon for how far man can go and an inspiration to many humans. An icon to keep them going considering all the humans went through trying to settle in the land. Without his work unification and the spreading of Herotism would likely be gone and Tamriel would be stuck in the Post Empire Era! Divided and terrible. 

The Bad

The thing is, Tiber Septim isn't nearly as honorable as the man appears. He has blood on his hands for many terrible atrocities committed in the name of his Imperialist measures. He violetntly took out any opposition to his rule, either it be citizen or King, and even did so without deciding on a treaty. He used Numedium hurt many innocent Altmer in his invasion of the Isles, as well as countless othe kingdoms, and even allies who didn't support him! All just to be all-powerful & unquestioned

Tiber not only committed these actions as a leader, but even as a regular folk. He aborted his & Barenziah's child, against her wishes. He also betrayed his own Battlemage Zurin (and Ysmir) and took their identites, taking credit for their own actions (may be wrong here, I'm a little fuzzy with this!). 

So, what do you think, is he a good man, who was responsible for a golden age, or a tyrant who unleashed monstrocities on Tamriel? 

Opinion on Tiber

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