Since the blogging community seems to be getting on a rise again, I should probs get writing too. So, I hope to make more constant blogs (hopefully) for this time period of the Wiki :P 

So, anyone remember last year when I made a blog about my LEAST favorite NPCs? Well, I decided to do another one of those, with my favorite NPCs. Since Skyrim does have a lot of good NPCs, or atleast decent ones. Just a warning, some of these might start arguments, obviously. These are also in order, agian, obviously.

NOTE: These are my opinions, if you disagree feel free to explain in the comments, but I am not trying to state these as factual in any way, shape, or form, please keep that in mind. 

10: Belrand

I don't know, I just find this guy cool, he has a nice adventerous attitude, and a decent sense of humor. He also breaks out of the stereotype that Nords hate magic, as he is a battle-mage in addition to being a hardy, tough Nord. Some followers that can be found around Skyrim don't have much personality, and only serve the Dragonborn and nothing more, while this follower, I feel, does seem to have a personality and quirks that make him unique, which I like, a lot. 

9: Fralia Gray-Mane

I really like Fralia, she seems like a legitimate, kind, giving mother. Her son was missing and she worked to get him back, which I respect honestly. She is also in support of Ulfric and his cause, which is always a plus. In addition, when you compare her to the other wife in Whiterun, the Battle-Born one, you'll see she is certainly the kinder of the two. 

8: Serana

She's is definitly the most interactive follower in the game, who actually seems to grow on a connection on the Dovahkiin as the story goes on, she is first found locked away where they hardly know each other, to boarderline wanting to bang each other at the end of the story. That's interesting for a Bethesda character. It especially makes Skyrim feel more real when there's a companion who actually grows on the Dragonborn throughout his adventures. 

7: Mercer Frey

This guy really was interesting, most of the questline villains just seemed to be very upfront, generic in your face type of villains, or tried to be deseptive but didn't fool anyone (Ancano anyone?) but Mercer was really a mystery. At first he comes off as the typical Thieves Guild leader, but once you go into the questline, you will see he is so much more, who wants to destroy the Guild and betray Nocturnal just for his own selfish needs. And framed all on this on Karliah. The game doesn't have a character bad guy who is so complex and just downright cruel to those around him. Which gets my respect honestly. 

6: J'zargo

A great follower who really does seem to have personality, he's competitive and an aspiring mage, who is willing to help the Dragonborn in quests, he can really be a comedic realif in Skyrim's tough times, he also is a good follower. Despite being a mage, he can still use Heavy Armor and One-Handed weapons REALLY well, making him an ideal battle-mage, which I personally see as one of the best ways to have a follower. 

5: Ulfric Stormcloak

Most who know me and my blogs knew this was coming, yeah, Ulfric Stormcloak is a cool guy. He is honorable, cares about the people, and overall I think he is the best hope for Skyrim's future. Even if you don't think he's all too legitimate or good you can't deny how complex he is, and overall how well written. He is an example of what the Nords went through in the Great War and despite what Imperials say, how everyone kind of feels inside towards the Dominion. 

4: Miraak

Awesome Big Bad, for the Dragonborn DLC, I've always considered him Skyrim's version of Darth Vader. With the evil sounding voice, and the myserious looks. He also seems to be powerful, which is always cool. The only thing I would give as something negative about him is that we really don't know much about him, so one could argue he's one-sided, which I could agree, but that doesn't mean he isn't a awesome villain for the Dovahkiin none the less. :P 

3: Karliah

Karliah, is a very complex and well-written character, possibly better than Mercer, she seems to be a very loyal follower of Nocturnal who has delt with false accusations for years, which she seems to show. Her connections to the Guild such as with Gallus & Mercer seem to add into her personality!

2: Paarthurnax

Yeah, this guy is awesome. He has done a huge amount to help the Dovahkiin, by both giving them shouts and helping in order to fight Alduin. Like Miraak, I consider to be a Yoda of the Elder Scrolls universe, who turns the Dragonborn into a strong Dragon slayer. I also respect how he used to be a harmful Dragon, but overcame his nature for the sake of Tamriel. Which adds complexity. Something not common in Bethesda NPCs really. 

1: Neloth

There's something about this guy you can't dislike, he knows cool magic, has sarcastic sometimes even funny comments. And overall was just helpful to the Dragonborn when fighting Miraak. Some say that he's all bad and cruel, but I honestly just see an upfront guy who doesn't hold anything back and may not hold social protical as high as most do, kind of like Sheldon from TBB, except if he was a awesome Elf with magic.