Hello everyone. I know it's been a while, I've just had a lot to do lately and couldn't type as many blogs as I wanted too. But it's all done now and I can write some new stuff for you. So if you know me odds are you probably saw my Why The Stormcloaks Are Right blogs. I decided that to start writing on the wiki again I'll do another civil war one, this time it's why I believe the Imperials are wrong in their cause. So without further adieu let's start. 

"The Empire needed to sign the White-Gold Concordat or else it would've been destroyed". 

This is false for reasons I explained on Why the Stormcloaks Are Right Part 1, but I'll explain them again. The Dominion made the largest army in Elven history attack the Imperial City, to which the Empire destroy all of them. This had to have taken a toll on their armies. And since Elves reproduce slower, they probably have barely recovered. So really the concordat was worthless. You might be asking yourself, "If they could've won why did he sign it at all?". In big wars like the Great War, people get very tired of fighting. This probably happened to the Emperor and the Elder Council. The Dominion, despite losing, didn't seem the giving up type, so the Emperor must've thought they could just make peace together, but that decision lead to the oppression of the people. Not the salvation of the Empire. 

"The Empire is going to fight the Dominion after the civil war ends" 

A lot of Imperials use this to justify them joining the Empire. But this isn't actually true. If you talk to the Imperial Legate if Riften they actually say after the wars ends they plan to invade Morrowind. That shows after the civil war they are NOT going to fight the Dominion. The only people who say the Empire has any plans of fighting anytime soon is some soldiers and Tullius, but they don't make that decision. It seems to be mearly speculation that Imperials have made because they think the Empire will fight back. But that doesn't mean it's actually true. 

"The Nords made the Empire" 

So what? I hear this argument being used a lot but I fail to see how it holds any weight in a civil war debate. I could assume that point they're trying to make is that since the Nords support the Empire they shouldn't fight it. But what these people don't realize is that the Empire is doing bad to Skyrim now. It doesn't matter if it was created by the Nords, it's doing nothing but allowing the Dominion to oppress the people. Anyway, if the Nords made it, don't they have the right to call quites if they feel it's not working anymore? As the Old Orc said, keeping something past it's usefulness is unnecessary. 

"The Empire is the best hope for unity in Tamriel". 

This might sound right on the serface, but the deeper you dig, you'll realize this argument is false & misleading. Since the Empire is of course... an Empire people think they will put all the Provinces together, but this is untrue. The Empire has made enemies with two Provinces. Hammerfell and Morrowind. Hammerfell because they abandoned them when the Dominion was trying to fight them, and Morrowind because they refused to help them with the Argonian invasion. The Summerset Isles, Valenwood, and Elswyer are all part of the Dominion, so they can't get help from them, Black Marsh has stayed out of the war for a while so I don't think they'll be joining soon. Which means the only two Provinces they have are Skyrim and High Rock. But if the Stormcloaks win not only will they lose Skyrim, but they wouldn't be able to get connection to High Rock. The Stormcloaks on the other hand, seem like they could unify Tamriel. They actually asked High Rock if they wanted to join them, the Redguards have similar ideas to the Stormcloaks, and the Dunmer hate the Empire and the Dominion. If these four nations teamed up to fight an already weak Thalmor, the fight will be a walk in the park. So the Stormcloaks are really the besr hope for unity in Tamriel. 

So these are the reasons I believe the Empire is wrong in their cause. I already wrote two blogs on how the Stormcloaks are right, there I refute arguments against the Stormcloaks. I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions or think I'm wrong, you can leave a comment explaining why.