I have been going on this Wiki for the last couple days and have realized how boring everything is. The chat is almost never discussing ANYTHING, the Forums are just same old discussions that people have already talked about TO HELL, and the editing is only somewhat active. Maybe it has something to do with TES:Online being lame, but I like this Wiki. It's boring to have it almost completely inactive all the time because there aren't that many new TES games coming. Some of us still like Skyrim (me), and enjoy discussing it, even other titles like Oblivion are still kind of interesting to talk about. What about all the other people to discuss random stuff with on Chat?

Meh, I know this is a small rant, but after seeing this place constantly calmed, when before people we're using all of the site most of the day is just kind of surprising. If not a little frustrating, considering how much fun I had being here,

What you think?