So at the beginning of May I wrote a blog refuting common arguments against the Stormcloaks. Well, their were some points that I didn't refute. So I decided to write this blog refuting them. 

"Ulfric and the Stormcloaks are racist" 

Yes, their are more racism arguments. A lot of people brought up Brunwulf Free-Winter and his point on how Ulfric only helps Nords who are in trouble as opposed to the other races. First of all, I just want to say, I think Brunwulf Free-Winter is an Imperial spy. How would General Tullius have known to make him Jarl? Some say he is a well respected vertran. I have yet to see proof of this though, but if you have some you're welcome to share it in the comments section. But back to the main point about Ulfric supposedly not helping non-Nords. You can get a bounty form Jorleif to kill a giant that is attacking travelers. Which shows that Ulfric did do something for the non-Nords (I assume travelers are people foriegn to Skyrim). Also, even if he did do this he fails to consider something. That their are obviously more Nords in Skyrim then the other races. Meaning if a Nord village gets attacked a lot of innocent people will be hurt or die. While if a couple of Dunmer or Argonians are wondering around Skyrim less people would be hurt or killed. It's a needs of the many outweight the needs of the few sort of mentality. 

"Nobody enforced the Talos worship ban until Ulfric and the Stormcloaks started making a fuss about it". 

This does not sound accurate at all. The Thalmor hate Talos. The Altmer believe that they are decended form the Gods. And Lorkhan took this godhood away. So the idea of a man achieveing godhood as opposed to the Elves is very angering to them. Not only that, according to the towers theory Talos is an aspect of Lorkhan and he is what keeps mortals on Mundus (or atleast that's what the Elves believe). Since man were created by Lorkhan and the Gods if everyone stops worshipping Talos his influence on Mundus will deserase, and man will cease to exist (I don't know everything about this theory but correct me if I'm wrong). So with this in mind it makes no logical sense that the Thalmor would not enforce the Talos ban. 

"Skyrim doesn't belong to the Nords, it belongs to the Snow Elves" 

Yes, at one point the Snow Elves (or Falmer) ruled Skyrim. In the Merethic Era Ysgramor and some other Nedes came from Atmora to Skyrim to escape the civil war plaging the land. They were peaceful stellers, and had a good relationship with the native Snow Elves. But at one point the Snow Elves attacked them. There are two theories as to why this happened, one the Nedes were populating fast and might've outnumbered the Snow Elves in a couple years, which made them paranoid and attacked. Another one is that Ysgramor found the Eye of Magnus, he knew it was to powerful to be used, and decided to bury it away. But the Snow Elves wanted it, and attacked them. Regardless of which one is true the Snow Elves attacked the Nedes out of greed or irrational paranoia. They started a war with them. A war which they lost. You can't start a conflict with another race and then act like you're the innocent victims when they fight back. My point is, the Snow Elves lost Skyrim because of their bad decisions and bully like behavior to the Nedes. 

"Torygg would've succeeded if Ulfric had just asked him to". 

This is probably untrue because everyone knew Ulfric wanted to succeed. Sybille Stentor even says when Ulfric walked in to challenge Torygg they thought he was going to ask him to succeed form the Empire. Which shows Ulfric's political beliefs were well known to the Solitude court. Meaning that if Torygg truly had any interest in succeeding from the Empire he would've just done it. 

"Ulfric acted childish at the meeting at High Hrothgar" 

Ulfric and Elenwen do have history together. Elenwen was his personal interrogater when he was captured in the Great War. So that in it's self would make him a bit uncomfortable sitting at a table with her. Another thing is that she had no reason to be there. She shouldn't have a right to disscuss Skyrim's politics. All Ulfric asked was for her to leave, then he would talk. I don't see how this would be that irrational. Some would also say it was immature that he kept asking for territory. But I'm not sure if his behavior was canon, because Tullius acts the same way if you side with the rebels at first. So you have to hold them both responsible. 

"Ulfric is a bad leader becaue he got captured at the beginning of the game". 

Wouldn't this show him as a good leader because he actually goes out into and fights with his brothers and sisters? It shows he's not one of those leaders who just sits around giving orders all day. He actually does stuff. He risks his life, because he believes in the cause. Also, I've heard Imperials criticize Ulfric for not doing enough, but then turn around and criticize him for getting captured. These two obviously can't co-exist so one side is wrong. 

I felt there were some arguments I didn't address and wanted to make this blog to do just that. If you disagree feel free to leave your comments below. Also, make sure to read part 1 first to see how I handled the more basic anti-Stormcloak arguments.