Greetings fellow editors! Today is July 19th, and if you play Fallout: New Vegas a lot, and enjoy it, you may probably be aware of that a new expansion called "Old World Blues" is to be released today! In "celebration" of that, I thought it would be cool to show you guys what I've been writing lately.

The story is set in the same timelaps as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and if you've played the game, you will perhaps recognize some characters! Remember that this is just a small part, and NOT the whole story. The text published here makes three pages in Word. Yet do note that I am only publishing this text for entertaining purposes.

Also, there might be a couple of grammar errors and such, it is not like a professional corrector has corrected my text or anything :P

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She picked up a rock and studied it for short time. The edges were sharp and made reflections in the sun. She studied it for a bit longer. Beautiful. Thinking about her made the young gal angry, and before she knew it her arm made a motion, throwing the stone in to the lake. The water exploded as the rock hit, making a sound that made Catena smile. She rose and walked towards her horse, dragging her fingers gently through its hair before mounting. With a small pat on the horse’s neck, the horse ran all it could through The Great Forest. As they were riding, the forest filled both their lungs with pure, fresh air.

Upon arriving at the gates of Chorrol, Catena waved her hand to the guards indicating them to raise the huge gates. Before entering the city she dismounted from her horse.

Running through the streets, passing the great statue of Saint Tor which she always had admired, she was heading towards the tavern, eager to see her best friend again. At the entrance of The Grey Mare, Catena pushed the massive tree doors so that she could enter. The itchy smell of booze and incense hit Catena’s nose when opening the door. She held her breath for a second or two, until she finally got used to the once too familiar aroma.

Surprisingly few were spending their hard-earned Septims on ale and wine, despite the time being late, and the day a warm Freedas. Only a handful of people were inside; the always faithful beer-drinker Reynald Jemane was there as usual, together with Valus Odiil, who was a good friend of Catena. As well as a couple of other unknown faces.

Catena inspected the interior of the tavern, then walked in front of the bar, and slammed her hand as hard as she could on to the counter.

The whole tavern became quiet in a matter of seconds.

“You,” She yell, pointing at the blonde Nord girl behind the counter. “I demand a glass of your finest bottle of wine, preferably a Tamika!”

Emfrid, who was kindly busy counting today’s earned coins lifted her head up and stared at Catena.

“The only thing I have got that would suit you just fine, is this bottle of Daedra blood!” Emfrid replied with a serious voice.

Laughter erupted between the two girls. Both were smiling.

“It is good to see you again, Emfrid! By looking at the Septims you’ve got there, I would guess business is going well.”

“Indeed, it has been a long time, too long!” Emfrid said. “And the business, yes, the tavern is doing just fine. Oh my, you are probably mighty thirsty after such a long ride, let me offer you something. What would like?”

Just as Catena was about to answer, she became interrupted by a familiar sound that came from behind -

“Well, what have we here? A peasant’s daughter lurking within the city of Chorrol? Does not her father require her talents to look after the crops?”

It was Earana. The voice chilled Catena’s spine.

Catena rolled eyes and swayed her head around. Emfrid made upset faces.

“For how long has that witch been standing there? “ She asked rhetorically. “Shouldn’t thee be somewhere else getting rejected by Teeke- What was it again? Teekasu?” she replied.

Emfrid tried to prevent herself from bursting into laughter, as best as she could.

Earana’s face becoming red with anger; she yell back

“I am no longer in love with him! And I am not a witch! Just because I can cast spells does not make me a witch! Also for your information, his name is Teekeeus!”

No, you’re right…” a voice within the tavern said. “… you witch!”

The whole tavern began laughing and pointing at Earana, but herself. The humiliation struck Earana deep and made her run up the stairs back into her room crying.

“Now, now… I guess I better look after her, I will be right back” Emfrid said, with a mild whisper, and ran after her.

A few hours later, most of the guests had gone home, and Emfrid was preparing to close The Grey Mare for the day. Only Reynald remained as a guest.

Suddenly, a person wearing a heavy hood, and cape, came through the front door. The individual looked around, slowly moving it’s head. It’s eyes stopped at Catena. But before she managed to respond, the eyes were moving again. This time, it was looking at Reynald.

Who is that?

Almost all the candles in the bar were burned out, leaving very little light. What certainly did not help was that the person was wearing a hood that covered most of the face, making it impossible to determine gender, or even race.

Catena who was sitting beside Emfrid at the front desk, studied the thing while it was having a conversation with almost-deadly-drunk-Reynald. While they were talking, she noticed that its voice sounded well-known, as if she knew that person. Yet her mind was empty of names.

Once the discussion ended, the person rose up and once again, turned its head towards Catena. Despite the low light, Catena could see the person was smiling. Catena tried to act busy and pretended that she did not know. She took a cloth and started rubbing the counter in circular patterns. The person said nothing, and headed for the door. Her curiosity told her to take a last peek at the individual right before exit. And so she did. She then walked over to the table where Reynald was sitting.

“That humble person, who was that?” She asked.

Reynald looked confused and moved his head around with slow pace and great endurance as if it weighed a hundred pounds, before finally coming back to his drunken mind.

“Ah yes, a good ol’ friend of mine, he is. The Hero of Kvatch his title is. Told him to solve a problem that has been bothering me a long time. Offered him fifty septims, I did, to find out what scum has been pretending to be I, in Cheydinhal.”

“…The Hero of Kavatch? It cannot be!” She said surprised.

“It sure was. He- or she, my apology, I cannot remember what gender, told me was on the look-out for an adventure. And an adventure he got! Brave hero, he is indeed, then again, I believe anyone would be a hero for fifty septims. Also asked who that girl sitting by the desk was too…”

“What girl? Emfrid?” She asked, and looked at the sleeping Nord girl by the desk.

“No, no, the other one! The girl with the ruby hair.” He explained.

Catena became excited

“Me? It was I he wanted to know more about?”

“Oh… yes. Hi there, Miss! By the Nine, did you move fast from the desk to over here? In the blink of an eye! Or at least so it seemed.” Reynald said with a drunken smile.

Catena wondered if it really could have been The Hero of Kvatch who had visited The Grey Mare. A real hero. She then rose up and carefully walked headed for the door. While holding the door-handle Catena turned to look at Emfrid who was still sleeping, then back at half-dead Reynald.

“Reynald, you should really stop drinking. It does not suit you, nor does it any good for your consciousness. And if you do remember, though you most probably won’t- Please tell Emfrid that it was a pleasure seeing her again. Tell her I have something rather important to do out of town. Tell her that I am going to Cheydinhal.”