Hello I'm zoomer364, I play Skyrim on the Xbox, and I will post my adventures in Skyrim as they happen. Like a live stream. For my readers to fully understand how I write my blog, let me give you this guide to my writing style and the terms I use:

Italics: I will mainly use italics when NPC or my dragonborn character are talking quotes that I find intresting. Or when using my sig.

Term-Quest Cleanup: A quest cleanup is where I look at my overstuffed quest log, and do some quests. Although when I do a quest cleanup, when I'm finished there seems to be even more quests then when I started...

Term-Mini Quest Cleanup: As the name suggests, This is when I look at my overstuffed misc quest log, and do some misc quest. The flaw in that is that a quest cleanup becomes more urgent.

That's the terms so far. First adventure post coming soon. Sighing off.

                                                                                          -zoomer364, Dragonborn