Usha is a deceased Argonian found on Solstheim in a hidden camp area near the headwaters of the stream that flows south, just west of Ashfallow Citadel.

On the table next to him is Letter to Usha, which gives some insight into his background. Also on the table are three Skooma bottles, and scattered around his corpse are a number of empty ones.

Cause of deathEdit

As several empty bottles litter the ground around his corpse, Usha likely died of an overdose from the drug. The letter on the table mentions that Usha was in a relationship with someone named Monesa, whose family did not approve of Usha's lack of wealth, hinting that his death was self-inflicted. Additionally, Usha probably tried to increase his wealth by collecting gold from the waterfall. A plate, which was likely used as a gold pan, can be found near the stream of water. Various pieces of Gold Ore are found right next to it on the table, lending further evidence to this theory.