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Uthgerd the Unbroken

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Uthgerd the Unbroken
Uthgerd the Unbroken
Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 6
Class Warrior
Location The Bannered Mare, Whiterun
Faction Whiterun Hold
Services Follower

Joining the Blades

Essential No
Ref ID 00091918
Base ID 000918E2
"Wanna hear a bit of Nord wisdom? You don't really know a woman until you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her."
―Uthgerd the Unbroken[src]

Uthgerd the Unbroken is a Nord warrior and potential follower located in the city of Whiterun inside the Bannered Mare. Her house is located in Whiterun across from Carlotta Valentia's house.


In the past, Uthgerd attempted to join the Companions, but accidentally killed the boy she was set against. Thus, she was not accepted into the Companions and bears a grudge against them which the Dragonborn can ask about.


She challenges the Dragonborn to a brawl with a wager of 100 GoldIcon. If the Dragonborn wins, Uthgerd pays the money wagered and becomes a potential follower, marriage partner, and possible steward.

The brawl itself is fairly easy regardless of character class and can be completed successfully at lower levels to earn the bonus money. If having trouble, it is possible run to regain health or use a healing spell despite what she says. If additional assistance is needed, it might be worthwhile to head down to Riften and clear out the bandits in The Ratway, as one of them, Gian the Fist, has the Gloves of the Pugilist, a pair of gloves which adds extra damage to unarmed attacks.


As a follower, Uthgerd is an extremely capable fighter wearing heavy armor and wielding two-handed weapons and bows. Her default equipment includes a steel greatsword and a set of steel plate armor (without a helmet). She wears any helmets given to her. Due to her heavy armor and two-handed great sword, she excels at close range melee combat.

Uthgerd the Unbroken is a potential recruit for the Blades.

She is a loyal follower, but only to a point. She won't steal for the Dragonborn, and if an innocent civilian is murdered, Uthgerd immediately attacks and will not relent until one or the other dies.


If an Amulet of Mara is equipped, the Dragonborn can marry Uthgerd. She can be both a follower and a spouse simultaneously. When married, Uthgerd opens a general goods shop and gives her spouse a 100 GoldIcon share of the profits each day. The 100 GoldIcon income generated through her shop accumulates daily, even if the Dragonborn does not visit her every day. She gives the GoldIcon if asked about the profit from the shop.

The Dragonborn can also buy things from, and sell things to, Uthgerd, but if she is also acting as a follower, she instead tries to sell the items traded with her back to the Dragonborn and does not offer her original wares.

Buying her steel plate armor from her seems to be the only way to remove it from her inventory, which is useful if the armor she has equipped has been upgraded, as it is heavy and appears to count towards her encumbrance. It costs approximately 2,000GoldIcon to do so. After the wedding ceremony, if she goes back to wearing her default armor despite having upgraded armor given to her prior to the wedding, wait a day or so and she will begin wearing the better armor, and the steel plate armor can be purchased from her. After marriage, the steel plate boots and gauntlets can be pickpocketed from her, but not the armor, which shows 0% chance of success even while having a skill level of 100.


Uthgerd can become a steward for one of the newly constructed homes if the Hearthfire DLC has been installed.


If Uthgerd dies, the Dragonborn receives an inheritance of 100-400 GoldIcon, minus the Jarl's tax. Her coffin will appear in Whiterun's Hall of the Dead. One exception to not receive a gold inheritance is to kill her on the sacrificial stone at Boethiah's Shrine.


Uthgerd the Unbroken's Stats
Level 6 → 30
Health 108 → 387
Magicka 50
Stamina 67 → 147
Default Armor Rating 96 → 150
Light Armor 20
Heavy Armor 26 → 79
Sneak ? → 24
One-Handed 31 → 83
Two-Handed 29 → 46
Archery 22 → 57
Block 27 → 62
Alteration 15
Conjuration 15
Destruction 15
Restoration 15
Illusion 15
Enchanting 15
Speech 20
Lockpicking 15
Alchemy 15
Pickpocket 15

Uthgerd the Unbroken's primary skills are One-Handed and Heavy Armor. Her secondary skills are Block and Archery, and her tertiary skill is Two-Handed.

Although Uthgerd starts out with a two-handed steel greatsword, her skill with two-handed weapons is only fair; instead, she is most skilled with one-handed weapons. She fights best using either a one-handed weapon/shield combo, or dual-wielding one-handed weapons combined with strong Heavy Armor to make up for the lack of a shield. Her skill with a bow is decent, allowing her to perform fairly well at long range combat (especially if equipped with higher-grade arrows), even though it isn't her primary strength.


A jester in Whiterun

Uthgerd: "By Ysmir, it's true. A jester―funny suit and all. Just north, by the Loreius Farm. Fool had a coffin in a cart, with a broken wheel. Like to see him laugh his way out that."
Skulvar: "Well, sounds like you've had quite the journey, Uthgerd. But you were gone longer than usual. I got to thinking maybe you weren't coming back..."
Uthgerd: "You sound like my ma. Figured I was lying dead in a field somewhere, is that it?"
Skulvar: "Thought did cross my mind, yeah. War brewing, talk of a riot in Helgen, and now jesters? Skyrim's gone mad, girl. You need to be careful out there."
Uthgerd: "Careful, huh? Thanks, Skulvar. I'll remember that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Note: the preceding conversation was intended to be a way to begin the quest Delayed Burial, but the exchange never occurs in-game.[1]


  • "Wanna hear a bit of Nord wisdom? You don't really know a woman until you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her."
  • "I got no quarrel with you, but I won't turn one down, neither."
  • "Keep walking, soft-gut. I'm more woman than you can handle."
  • "The heat of battle is the fire that forges the strongest blades. It's an old Nord proverb. That, and a true Nord never misses a chance to test her worth."
  • "Yeah, whatever."


  • If enlisted as a follower, Uthgerd's bed removes the 'Owned' title, allowing the Dragonborn to use it, and most items in her house are changed to 'Take', instead of 'Steal'.


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