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For other uses, see Vahtacen.

Vahtacen is a cave in eastern Cyrodiil, although behind its cave-like appearance lies the Vahtacen Ayleid Ruin.

It is currently being explored and examined by the Mages Guild. Skaleel and Denel are leading the excavation team.


In 1E 242, Vahtacen was the site of the Battle of Vahtacen between the Imperials and the Ayleids during the Alessian Slave Rebellions of the First Era.[1]


  • Vahtacen
  • Vahtacen Lorsel/Dark Hall

Notable itemsEdit


Vahtacen's SecretEdit

Raminus Polus asks the Hero to speak to Irlav Jarol about an archaeological dig site at Vahtacen, an ancient Ayleid Ruin. Speaking to Irlav and he will direct the Hero there.




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