Not to be confused with Valdimar or Valdr.
"Leave, stranger. Evil stirs in this place. I fear for the security of the very land if it should break free."

Valdar was a Nord warrior. He died inside Valthume and his skeleton and ghost can still be found there.


He locked Hevnoraak inside Valthume and kept him there for many generations, but his strength is fading. He is the quest-giver of the quest "Evil in Waiting."


  • "We stand at the tomb of Hevnoraak, who has been dead for many generations. I fear, however, that his return may be at hand."
  • "With those three vessels, Hevnoraak can restore himself, find them, before he can."
  • "He had a way of enthralling people, and built up a loyal army of followers, good men fell under his spell, and were forever twisted, made evil. After that, fear was enough to keep them in line, he could torture and humiliate them, and they would not rebel. Even in death they serve him still." – When asked "Why do you fear Hevnoraak?"
  • "Hevnoraak planned his resurrection obsessively before dying, my duty in life and in death is to ensure he stays in this tomb, for eternity." – When asked "Why are you here?"


  • Evil in Waiting – Perform a ritual with Valdar, and defeat Hevnoraak.


  • Although Valdar seemingly passes on to Sovngarde after Hevnoraak has been defeated, he is not found within its mists, unlike some other ghosts that the Dragonborn helps (for example, Svaknir).