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Valdimar Hearthfire
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level 10-50
Class Sorcerer
Rank Housecarl
Services Follower
Joining the Blades
Essential No
Ref ID xx00521D
Base ID xx00521B

Valdimar is a Nord sorcerer in Hjaalmarch. He is appointed housecarl when the Dragonborn becomes the Thane of Hjaalmarch. He can be found at Highmoon Hall after becoming Thane, unless of course the Dragonborn owns the deed to Windstad Manor, in which case he can be found there.


Valdimar can be asked to become a steward for a homestead or married. If the single beds on the second floor of the Main Hall are purchased, he will sleep in the bed on the left.

Valdimar can sometimes be seen patrolling the homestead perimeter up to approximately over 100m from the homestead.

Skills and Combat BehaviorEdit

At the beggining of a battle Valdimar casts Stoneflesh or Oakflesh with his weapon ready, he then switches to Ice Spike. If he is critically wounded he uses Close Wounds or Healing to recover his health. Additionally, Valdimar can use Turn Undead and Lesser Ward.

Valdimar's skills:


"Honor to you, my Thane" - when approached or passed by

"I am your sword and your shield" - when approached or passed by

"Honored, to see you again my Thane." - when approached or passed by

"Long life to you, Thane" - when approached or passsed by

"Excellent. Lead on, Thane" - When asked to follow

"What do you need, my Thane?" - initiated conversation while following

"We've stopped. What is it?" - initiated convesation while following

"Let's get going." - closed conversation while following

"Lead on, then." - closed conversation while following

"I'm yours to command, Thane. I'll wait here until you need me." - when asked to wait

"Is it time to move out?" - initiated convesation while waiting

"Lead on, Thane." When asked to follow

"Be careful, Thane." - closed conversation while following

"Fine, what?" - when asked to do something

"Do you need something from me, Thane? Or, can I carry something for you?" - When asked to trade items

"I'll return to Highmoon Hall in Morthal until you need me again, Thane"



This section contains bugs related to Valdimar (Hearthfire). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Valdimar may not appear even if the Dragonborn is Thane. If player appears to have this bug, using the console command player.moveto xx00521D moves Dragonborn to his current location. To fix this, player is to open the console and type "prid xx00521D" without the quotations, then press enter, and type "enable" and press enter again. He should appear and talk to player, provided that Valdimar and Dragonborn are inside Highmoon Hall.
  • Valdimar may be found wandering around far from his designated home. He has been occasionally found outside of Whiterun and walking in Riverwood.


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