Not to be confused with Valga Celatus or Valga Vinicia.
"Back again? And I thought I was the dumb one."
―Valga Atrius[src]

Valga Atrius is an Imperial soldier of the Imperial Legion. She is found in the Arena District of the Imperial City.


The Lifeblood of an EmpireEdit


The Lifeblood of an EmpireEdit

"Back again? And I thought I was the dumb one."

You're still alive, I see. "For the moment–but it's early yet. Still plenty of chances to get killed, right? But enough small talk. Can you manage a few more civilian rescues? Same trick as last time, if you're up for it."
I will rescue the civilians and send them your way. "I'm counting on your to get these people out of here. Our people, our way of life, won't die like this. I won't let it."
Tell me about yourself. "Not much to say. After the anchors fell, half my family was dragged off in chains. Both my brothers were sacrificed in the Temple. My aunt was butchered in the Arena. Still don't know where they took my mother. I've got a few leads. Nothing solid."
That sounds pretty bleak. "Well, it's a bleack world out there. I hope you'll forgive me if I'm not all sunshine and butterflies. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun, and I don't think I even remember what a butterfly looks like."
So you've only stuck around to help others escape? "Yes. My family may be torn to pieces, but there are still a lot of good folk tucked away in attics, or laboring under a Dremora's lash. If I can help even a few of them escape, I'll feel a whole lot better."

(After helping 12 Imperial Citizens) "Fine work. They're confused and malnourished, but I'll get them out in one piece. You have my thanks."

What now? "I'll smuggle these people out through the sewers. Eight willing, I'll be back again tomorrow to take a few more. Here's your gold, as promised."


  • "I'll get this lot out of the city, but they won't have much. A few blankets, a crust of bread .... From what I hear, Cyrodiil isn't kind to refugees . I can only hope, I guess."