"Welcome to Dead Man's Drink."
―Valga Vinicia[src]

Valga Vinicia is an Imperial bartender and the owner of the inn Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath.


Rescue MissionEdit

Valga is a potential captive in the rescue mission given by The Companions.


If the Dragonborn kills Bolund, brother of Solaf of Gray Pine Goods, and later kills Solaf as well, Valga will send a letter to the Dragonborn saying that she knows that they killed him, but that she will will tell anyone else of it, and says that Solaf will not be missed.  

Stealing from the inn will result in her sending hired thugs after the Dragonborn.


  • "If you hear any juicy gossip in town, be sure to share it with me!"
  • "In Falkreath if I don't know it, it ain't worth knowing."
  • "I escaped fighting in Cyrodiil, only to have it track me down again in Skyrim."


Narri "At some point we should hire Tekla on here. If she could just spend less time serving Dengeir..."
Valga "Ah, I wish I could afford to pay you both, Narri, I really do."