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"The trees... they're beautiful here. Reminds me of autumn at home."

Valindor is a Bosmer who lives in Riften and works at the Riften Fishery.


He describes how he remembers Valenwood looking, because the Riften trees remind him of autumn in Valenwood. He, like most people of Riften, is tired of Riften's corruption by Maven Black-Briar and wants to leave.


New AllegiancesEdit

In Dawnguard, Valindor is a possible target during the quest "New Allegiances," in which Vingalmo, courtier in Castle Volkihar, asks the Dragonborn to turn the target into a vampire for political purposes.


  • When owning the house Honeyside in Riften, he can be seen occasionally walking through your house as a shortcut from the harbour into Riften city.


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