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Valinka Stoneheaver is a Nord adventurer. She may become the personal blacksmithing hireling for the Vestige should they choose to allocate points into the Miner Hireling skill for blacksmithing, once they reach the appropriate level. She will send a letter with select materials to the Vestige on a daily basis, although the conditions of this relationship may be improved with additional points into the Miner Hireling skill.


Valinka may send the Vestige multiple letters to their inbox, detailing her adventures as she gathers resources for the Vestige. The following are a collection of most of the letters that she will send:

  1. It's me, Valinka Stoneheaver. You know, the one you hired to source components for your use. You still want the stuff, right? I've included a sample. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. This job will really help me pursue my true calling -- delver of dungeons and collector of ancient relics! Not what you'd expect from a Nord, huh?
  2. Valinka again. I hope this package finds you well. Me? I've been better. My brothers are giving me grief about my chosen profession. They say it isn't proper for a Nord maiden to rummage around the countryside, collecting components and crawling around ancient ruins. But what do those horkers know? I'm so angry right now I could punch a mammoth!
  3. Sorry this shipment is late. Who knew mammoths were such sensitive creatures? I barely gave it a love tap, but it went rampaging through the town square like I really hurt it or something. Good thing mammoths like mead-soaked fruit balls. But all my brothers could do was laugh, the horkers!
  4. I know, I know. Late again. But at least the components arrived, right? I had another incident with my brothers. It involved a lot of mead and a few well-placed blows to the head. Milk-drinkers! They never could best me in a fair fight! Still, I think I'll go father afield for your next shipment. Give us all a little time to cool off.
  5. Who do you love? Valinka, that's who! Look at what I was able to find for you this time. Premium grade materials, if I do say so myself. And I discovered a new ruin to explore. I'll tell you all about it when I send your next shipment.
  6. That ruin I told you about? Turned out to be some Orc's hovel. And he wasn't very happy to find me inside and digging through his stuff. Who knew Orc hovels looked so much like ancient ruins? Live and learn, I guess.
  7. I shared a fire with a camp of Argonians. After a few cups of some foul-tasting beverage they obviously enjoyed more than I did, they loosened up enough to tell me about a ruin they had passed in their travels. Finally, a real lead to a dungeon! But don't despair. I won't neglect my duties to you while I delve in to the unknown.
  8. Dear patron, please accept this latest shipment of components. Now, to other matters. I must tell you how the search for the ruins goes. Those Argonians provided the strangest directions. Something about how melting water flows to the maw of the ruins or some such. I thought I was wandering in circles, but then -- oh! More later. I have to run now.
  9. Sorry about that. I really had to run! And those horkers that were chasing me were fast! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning. When I was a little girl with pigtails -- no, that's too far back. I found the dungeon the Argonians told me about! And it was right where they said it would be. More or less.
  10. Valinka here, with more components and another report about my quest to become the greatest explorer in Tamriel. I'm going to be even better than that show-off, Narsis Dren! I found the ruins. Only a half-crumbled tower of ruck jutted from the ground, but I was sure that the structure continued beneath the surface. That's when the Orc spotted me.
  11. Who knew Orcs could run so fast? I was hoping for Dwarven or Daedric relics, but it turns out the ruins were old Nordic. The Orcs were using the place as a hideout. They were obviously bandits, and obviously mean. I was able to double back and sneak in while the Orcs were out looking for me. That's when I saw the -- oops, got to go!
  12. More components, as requested. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. The Orc bandits were using the old Nordic ruin as a hideout. While they were out looking for me, I returned to look around their hideout. It was a single stone chamber beneath the crumbling tower. Hardly a proper ruin at all. And locked in a small metal cage in one corner was a mangy dog.
  13. When the mangy dog saw me, it whined pitifully. Now, I'm not some milk-drinker with a soft spot for furry animals, but something about the dog touched my heart. He had a noble bearing and a fire in his eyes. And how hasn't found themselves locked in a cage after a night of mead and good cheer? So I did the only reasonable thing -- I opened the cage.
  14. That was when the first of the bandits returned. He was a fat Orc with rotting leather armor and a thick mace hanging from his belt. He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. We both reached for our weapons. But before we could draw on each other, the dog burst from the opened cage and charged right for the Orc's -- um, delicates.
  15. I hope my tale isn't boring you, patron. Here are more components, as requested. These would never have reached you if not for that mangy dog. "Plucky" clamped sharp teeth on that fat Orc's ... private parts .. giving me time to unsling my warhammer and bring the business end down with all my might. The Orc dropped like a sack of rabbit meatballs.
  16. Speaking of rabbit meatballs, that dog Plucky certainly likes the spicy little orbs of tastiness. And who can blame him? I was feasting on the things myself when Plucky helped himself to a meatball or three. Now he can't get enough of the delicious spheroids of rabbity goodness. I must stock up the next time I'm in a town or city.
  17. It's me again. Valinka Stoneheaver. And Plucky, the brave dog! We escaped the Orc bandits and have left the Nordic ruins behind us. Now we're back to tracking down crafting components for you, full time. Well, at least until we hear about another ruin to explore. Enjoy this shipment, with our components!
  18. While gathering the components for this shipment, I heard the most amazing news. My hero, the famous delver of dungeons, Narsis Dren, is going to be visiting the city in a few days. And even better, he's going to give a talk at the inn about his latest adventure! I think I'm going to hang around so I can meet him.
  19. Here you go. I hope this suffices, but I didn't want to range too far afield while Narsis Dren is visiting the city. He is my hero, after all. I plan to be just like him! Well, maybe half as good. He is the preeminent dungeon explorer of our time, so I need to set my sights accordingly. I'll tell you all about his talk next time.
  20. Just wanted to get this off to you before Narsis Dren takes the stage at the inn. Oh! there he is! For a Dark Elf, he doesn't look half bad. Got to go!
  21. What an amazing tale Narsis Dren told us! The inn was packed. It seemed like the whole city wanted to see the famous explorer and hear what he had to say. You should have heard his story about the time he was trapped in an Ayleid ruin by a group of Daedric cultists. It was so exciting!
  22. After Narsis Dren got away from the Daedric cultists (what a tale that was!), he read an excerpt from his new book, Narsis Dren and the Lost Ruins of Salinvord. I can't wait to get a copy and see how he escaped from the atronachs! I must sound like a unbloodied cub before her first battle, but I can't help it. He's so ... intense!
  23. How embarrassing! I can't believe I looked up to that skeever! After his talk, I went up to Narsis Dren and asked him to sign a copy of his book, Dungeon-Delving Secrets. He said, "Sure, right after you come to my room and examine my artifact." You know, for a famous adventurer, he dropped like a sack of rabbit meatballs when I hit him.
  24. Hi. It's me. Valinka. Sorry about going on and on about Narsis Dren. Turns out, he's just like most of the stupid males I've ever met and not a hero or anything. I'm not opposed to a good romp in the hay, so to speak, but a woman likes to be won over, you know? Like in those poems by Fjokki the Bard? Anyway, here's your shipment.
  25. Valinka has a new mission in life. I plan to become an even greater dungeon explorer than that diseased skeever, Narsis Dren. And I may have a lead on just the dungeon to explore. Turns out, Dren dropped a scrap of parchment when I socked him in the nose. I didn't notice it, but Plucky picked it up and brought it to me. It's a map!