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Vampire may refer to any of the following:


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  • Would it be possible...?

    212 messages
    • Hero of Daggerfall is a moron, he gave Mannimarco the power to become a God, seriously a Necromancer as a God, like thats not gonna backfire...
    • I thought that ebcause of the warp in the west all outcomes of dsggerfall happened which ment that the hero of daggerfall died.
  • Do vampires go to Sovngarde when they die?

    4 messages
    • Its like Werewolves. Werewolves go to Hircine's realm in Oblivion and Vampires go to Molag Bal's realm
    • If I understand Bal's influence on vampires, they'll go to Coldharbour if they don't get cured before dying.

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