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Vampire's Servant is one of the powers the Dragonborn receives as they progress as a Vampire. It allows the reanimation of a very powerful body to fight alongside for 60 seconds. As a power it can only be used once per day.

Unlike necromancy spells of the Conjuration spell tree, the victims of Vampire's Servant does not turn to ash when the effect wears off after 60 seconds (except during the first stage of vampirism). It is similar to Dead Thrall of the conjuration tree, but it can be used on any dead corpse. Therefore, it is not a true thrall: At the moment of casting it is more powerful (as the Dragonborn can raise whatever creature they want), but much less effective for long fights.

Apparently, the perk Necromage does not influence the duration of this Power, unlike the spells of the Conjuration tree.


  • [000ED0A4] Stage one: Reanimate a body for 60 seconds, max level: 6, becomes ash when killed.
  • [000ED0A5] Stage two: Reanimate a body for 60 seconds, max level: 13.
  • [000ED0A6] Stage three: Reanimate a body for 60 seconds, max level: 21.
  • [000ED0A7] Stage four: Reanimate a body for 60 seconds, max level: 30, fortify heal rate by 1/sec


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