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Vampire Armor
Base Armor:
40 (Set) ArmorIcon
8.5 (Set) WeightIcon
Base Value:
225 (Set) GoldIcon
Class: Light Armor
Upgrade Material: Leather
Perk: Advanced Armors
ID: -
For the cuirass in this set, see Vampire Armor (Armor Piece).

The Vampire Armor is a set of light armor worn by the vampires in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The cuirass comes in three different colors; gray, light gray and red. There is no currently available helmet that is counted as part of the set but it is possible to gain the benefits of the perk Matching Set for Vampire Armor by equipping a shrouded cowl. Enchanted varieties also exist.


The armor and the boots of this set are very common, the gauntlets can be found in Castle Volkihar up stairs from the Alchemy Lab.

Fixed locationsEdit

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Vampire Armor 25 5 175 XX0142C7
Vampire Boots 7 2 25 XX00B5DE
Vampire Gauntlets 8 1.5 25 XX01A51F
Total 40 8.5 225


All pieces can be improved at a workbench with a piece of leather. The Advanced Armors perk doubles the improvement.


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