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―Vampire Cattle[src]

Vampire Cattle are slaves found inside Castle Volkihar.

They are typically Nord men and women who are being used mainly as a food source by the members of Harkon's court. Most can be found locked in cages in the dungeon of the castle, but others can be seen serving food and drinks in the dining room. Most cannot normally speak, being only capable of mumbling.


If the Dragonborn has joined Harkon's court, they will be available to use as a source of vampiric feeding to sate their bloodlust; however, doing so will revert several vampiric attributes to their base level.


  • Despite the threats given by Rargal Thrallmaster, the bite power attack may be used to quickly level up the Vampire Lord, though this will kill the vampire cattle in the process.
  • If the player sides with Dawnguard and kills all the members of the court before dealing with Harkon, vampire cattle will no longer be present.
  • Rargal Thrallmaster says that "Sometimes you get one who comes willingly". This is likely not true, as all cattle will complain constantly, and bloodstains on the stairs suggest they were grabbed and violently dragged into their cage.
  • The Vampire Cattle in the cages can be used to level the Sneak skill by crouching behind one, and backing into the wall of the cage.
  • The Vampire Cattle displayed on the dining table, located in the main hall, can only be interacted with via speaking. No other ways of interaction, such as looting, attacking, moving, etc., can be initiated.


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  • Repeatedly attempting to speak to a vampire cattle lying on the dining table in the castle will cause their groaning dialogue to play over itself.


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