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Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol II is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind given by Skink-in-Tree's-Shade in Sadrith Mora, if the Nerevarine has sufficient rank in the Mages Guild.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Skink-in-Tree's-Shade.
  2. Find a copy of Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol II.
  3. Return to Skink to complete the quest.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Chat with Skink-in-Tree's-Shade in the Wolverine Hall Mage's Guild about duties, and he'll inform you that he is seeking a rare book, Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol. II. Skink further tells you that there are two books in this series. The first is common in Morrowind, but the second volume is rare. If you can find a copy of volume two, he would be grateful. He suggests trying a rare bookseller.

By asking around, you might find out that the second volume is banned by the Tribunal Temple, possibly the reason for its rarity. There are several places you can find a copy. One is in Jobasha's Rare Bookshop in Vivec, Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks, for the price of 400 gold. If you don't want to pay, you can also find one in the Hall of Justice Secret Library (accessed through a locked trapdoor in the Justice offices), though the guards won't like you if they see you taking it. However, if you continue to talk to them, they will eventually attack you, allowing you to kill them without incurring a bounty. Yet another copy can be found in some vampire lairs, such as Galom Daeus. Tel Vos also has a copy. It can be found in the Central Tower, a floor below the Dwemer museum. Whatever the method, locate a copy of the book and return to Skink.


  • 1000 GoldIcon


Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol II
Skink wants a copy of "Vampires of Vvardenfell volume two." He suggested I try rare bookstores.
  • Quest accepted
I was told that Jobasha in Vivec might have a copy, but for a very high price.
I was told that the Tribunal Temple does not have a copy of Vampires of Vvardenfell, and that if they did have a copy, they wouldn't tell me about it.
I delivered Vampires of Vvardenfell volume two to Skink in Sadrith Mora.
  • Quest complete

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