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"Death is not always eternal. For some it is merely a time of waiting. Now is your time of waiting. Be patient and all will be revealed..."
―Vampirism notification[src]

Vampirism is a feature in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Upon becoming one, the Hero of Daggerfall can join specific vampire factions, including Vraseth and Thrafey. There are nine vampire factions in all.

Obtaining vampirismEdit

To obtain vampirism, the Agent must first obtain the disease from a vampire or vampire ancient. Attacks from vampires have a 0.6% chance to give the Agent the disease. After obtaining, the player must die by any method in order to become a vampire.

After receiving a message, the Agent will awaken in a random graveyard as a vampire. The player will then shortly receive a message from a vampire clan, along with the quest The Rite of Acceptance.

Curing vampirismEdit

The Agent can be cured of vampirsm. The cure does not reset progress as acquiring vampirism will. Any quests that were removed as a result of obtaining vampirism will remain lost to the Agent. However, the player will retain their current rank in Orders.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit


  • Gain +20 to every attribute except intelligence
  • Gain +30 to climbing, critical strike, hand-to-hand, jumping, running, and stealth
  • Gain the following spells:
    • Calm Humanoid
    • Charm Humanoid
    • Levitate
  • Gain the following immunities:
    • Steel Weapons
    • Iron Weapons
    • Disease


  • Holy places and sunlight will cause damage to the Agent
  • Failing to feed daily will result in inability to rest

Vampire clansEdit

There are 9 vampire clans in Daggerfall: