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For other uses, see Vampirism.

Vampirism is a disease in The Elder Scrolls Online that has various effects on the character's appearance, resistances and even adds a new skill tree. It has four stages of severity, with every stage making the negative effects stronger but also reducing the cost of vampiric abilities. Stage one is the least severe one and four the most severe. Over time vampirism progresses to higher levels, and feeding on Characters or other players resets vampirism to stage one.

Getting infectedEdit

The player can get infected with vampirism by getting attacked by an NPC vampire, or by being fed on by another player who is afflicted with vampirism. Any player with lycanthropy is immune to vampirism and vice versa.

Negative EffectsEdit

Every vampire has a 50% weakness to fire damage and regenerates health more slowly than as a humanoid. While the 50% fire weakness is the same at all stages, the health regeneration penalty grows bigger with every stage towards stage four.

Vampire skill treeEdit

Ultimate ability:

Active abilities:

Passive abilities:

  • Savage Feeding (feeding stuns the victim for a couple of seconds)
  • Supernatural Recovery (increases magicka and stamina recovery)
  • Blood Ritual (allows the player to turn other players into vampires every 7 days)
  • Undeath (increases damage mitigation when under 30% health)
  • Unnatural Resistance (health recovery increased in vampirism stages 2 through 4)
  • Dark Stalker (increases movement speed while sneaking, entering sneak is faster at night)


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