Vanne Farm is a large farm made up of several buildings located east of Koeglin Village. The farm was owned by Anais and Giraud Vanne, but they have handed it over to their daughter, Ingride. Their granddaughter Rozenn, their nephew Phinis, and their niece Marlene also live at the farm.

When the Vestige arrives at the farm, Phinis and Marlene are visiting. Their parents have sent them to the farm to work for a season, but as soon as they arrived, Daedra attacked the farm.


Can't Leave Without HerEdit

The Vanne Farm has been overrun by Supernal Dreamer cultists and Daedra. Phinis Vanne is simply trying to escape, but Marlene has barricdted herself in the house. He asked the Vestige to persuade her to leave.

The Slumbering FarmerEdit

Supernal Dreamers have attacked the Vanne Farm and captured the owner, Ingride, with the intention of subjecting her to a dark ritual.

Rozenn's DreamEdit

The Supernal Dreamers also took Ingride's daughter, Rozenn, and they are apparently planning a similar ritual using her as the vessel for a Daedric spirit. The Vestige promised Ingride that they would stop them.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Runestone
  • Fishing Holes.
  • "Simple" Level Chest (Ingrid Vanne's House)
  • Ruby Ash Wood (or level equivalent)