"Can I interest you in anything? Some fine armor perhaps?"
―Vanryth Gatharian[src]

Vanryth Gatharian is a weapons and armor merchant in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He will appear in The Ragged Flagon after completing the last special job given by Delvin Mallory for the Thieves Guild. His shop is in an alcove in the south wall of the Ragged Flagon.

Earned merchantEdit

Vanryth is one of the earned merchants through completing City Influence quests along with: Syndus, Herluin Lothaire, and Arnskar Ember-Master.


  • Apparel: There is a larger selection of armor compared to other weapons and armor merchants.
  • Weapons & misc: Standard apparel & Misc of a weapons and armor merchant.


  • "Be glad to repair any damage to your Guild armor."
  • "Can I interest you in anything? Some fine armor perhaps?"
  • "Looking to fix your armor?"


  • One is not allowed to invest in him via the Investor perk under the Speech skill.
  • Glover Mallory claims to have learned all he knows about smithing from Vanryth.