Not to be confused with Varnius Junius.
"You don't want to go up there, citizen. It's a terrible sight. The farmer and his wife murdered in the middle of the night. So many knife wounds."
Hold Guard, on Vantus and Curwe's dead bodies.[src]

Vantus Loreius is an Imperial citizen and the husband of Curwe. They live together at Loreius Farm, just north of Whiterun.


Delayed BurialEdit

He is an essential character involved in the quest Delayed Burial, in which the Dragonborn must either convince him to repair the wheel of Cicero's wagon or is convinced by him to report Cicero to a local guard.


  • If the Dragonborn chooses to report Cicero to a guard of The Pale, he and his wife will be found murdered by an unknown culprit, presumably Cicero, although they are both flagged as essential.
  • If the Dragonborn returns to the Loreius Farm after completing Delayed Burial and the Dark Brotherhood questline (whether it was decided to kill Cicero or not), Vantus will still be saying how he "just needs to get his tools," and then he will "see to Cicero."