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"Please, I'm no threat to you. I simply watch the door! Six days before I take my pension. I want no trouble, you see?"
―Varel Falavel[src]

Varel Falavel is a Dunmer guard of the Iron Wheel watching the door of their Headquarters in No Shira Citadel. He is encountered during The Long Game, and must be spoken to in order to continue.


The Long GameEdit

After entering the Iron Wheel Headquarters, Varel will at the door and say, "I thought my shift would never end... wait, who are you? Don't hurt me! I'm not even an officer!" When speaking to him, he cannot be persuaded by the Vestige's disguise, as servants are banned from the Headquarters regardless. He will tell them of his sleeping draught, and after tell him to drink the bottle, he will become unconscious, allowing them to continue further into the area.


"Please, I'm no threat to you. I simply watch the door! Six days before I take my pension. I want no trouble, you see?"

[Lie] What do you mean? Can't you tell I'm a servant?
"All servants are banned from our headquarters, on pain of interrogation. Not that I call you a liar, simply that what you say cannot be at all correct. But I do not care to know your truth! Leave me be and I shall forget you completely."
Stay calm. I'm not here to kill you.
"Thank the gods! You will have no trouble from me. You were never here and I never saw you."
I can't have you warning the Iron Wheel.
"I... I have a sleeping draught! One sip helps me through the nights. The whole bottle will knock me out for hours! You'll be long gone."
Then you should drink the whole bottle.


  • Despite being a watchman whose job it is to guard the entrance, Varel cowardly refuses to arrest the Vestige, as he fears for his life and merely wants to complete his job so that he may receive his pension.


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